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Those Cute Little Flying Insect Getters Carry Rabies and Will Bite You
Bat Removal Service

There are a wide variety of bats living in the Houston Texas area. While they would prefer to live in caves, they commonly settle for attics when they are in the city.  Having bats in your house causes a number of different problems.  It can affect the structure of your house and the health of your family.  If you have bats in your home or business, it is very important that you contact the licensed, bonded and insured specialists at Houston Texas Rodent Removal Company as soon as you notice them so that we can get rid of those bats causing problems for you.

For homes, common entry points are vents, small gaps, soffets, and unsealed windows or doors. It’s very important that you work to protect these areas so that you do not incur an infestation. At first you may notice scratching sounds coming from the attic, walls, ceiling or garage,  Our service is an affordable extermination and we remove bats and their problems associated with an infestation.
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How to Get Rid of Bats In Your Attic

As we mentioned, bats love caves. Since there aren’t really caves in the city, they tend to settle for any place that keeps them up high, warm, dry, and away from any predators. That is why it’s so common for people to find bats living in their attics. Depending on the species, how many bats living up there can range to a few to a hundred.  Although, if you have hundreds of bats in your attic, you’ll notice it very soon.  Around dusk, they tend to leave their roost so that they can hunt for insects. For this reason, some people consider them a type of pest that they don’t mind living with.  However, there are many other issues that you must consider.

Bats themselves commonly carry diseases, ranging from rabies, ebola and the West Nile Virus.  A single bite from a bat can have you in the hospital being treated for days on end, resulting in costly unwanted medical bills. Another problem is the guano (feces).  While they are up there roosting during the day, the bats are releasing waste that sits in your attic.  As the guano dries up, the spores from it become airborne.  It can spread through your house and contaminate everything it comes into contact with.  You can also breathe in these spores, and this can be very dangerous, especially for pregnant women.  Anytime you notice bat activity you should get rid of them instantly to eliminate the harm they cause to your home and family.

When you call specialists for bat removal, it is very important that they also remove the guano and decontaminate your house.  At Houston Texas Rodent Removal, we help you with bat removal.  Once the bats are trapped and removed, our specialists will decontaminate your house with a strong sterilizing chemical and patch any entry points with metal panels so that bats do not return, we get rid of bats, we guarantee it.

What to Do if I’m Bitten by a Bat

Bites are one of the most common ways for diseases to spread from bats to humans.  However, any exposure to saliva or other secretions can lead to infection as well.  If a bat bites you, the first thing you should do is clean the area as thoroughly as possible.  After that, immediately seek medical attention.  Once your health is taken care of, it is important that you seek assistance from specialists.  Getting rid of bats can become quite complicated.  If there’s only one bat trapped in your house, you may feel comfortable taking care of it yourself.  However, if a group of them has made a roost out of your attic, you'll need professional help.

HoustonTexas Rodent Removal will help you get your house back in livable condition so that you and your family are completely safe.  Not only do we remove the bats, we will also remove and decontaminate guano and spores that can have adverse affects on your health.

Bat Removal has been on the rise for the last several years. Bats can been found in homes, businesses, and warehouses.  The most common problem associated with bats in your attic is the large amount of bat guano (poop) that builds up in your attic over a period of time.

Bats should never be allowed to stay in your attic. As soon as bats are discovered in your attic call Houston Texas Rodent Removal.  We have the experience along with a license issued by the State of Texas.

Bat removal in Texas has been on the rise for at least 10 years, and the cases of bat guano and bat guano cleanup has risen significantly over the past three years. The average cost of bat removal in Texas is relatively low in the initial stages however if this bat problem is allowed to remain, the cost of the removal of bats in your attic goes up significantly. There are costs associated with the guanno removal from the attic area of your home. Also there should be some degree of biohazard cleanup that goes along with having a bat infestation in your attic.

We begin all bat removals with a detailed property inspection. Then, we can begin to seal any openings in the attic, roof, soffit or other areas.  Next, we install one-way bat escape doors to rid bat colonies from the structure. Main entries are finally sealed several days later, bat free!  We are so sure that we guarantee our work.