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Not Only Do Skunks Smell Bad, They Have Fleas, Ticks, They Bit and Possibly Have Rabies
Skunk Removal Service

Skunks are infamous for their odor. It’s so powerful that it sends whoever it sprays a clear message: Back off. These days people think skunks are cute, even to the point of removing their stink gland and keeping them as pets. However, wild skunks can be very dangerous. Everyone knows about the smell, but the if the chemical gets into the eyes of you, your family, or your pets, it can cause severe discomfort and pain. Skunks also carry diseases, such as rabies, mange, and distemper. Their coloring is famous and easy to recognize, so if you see a skunk, stay clear of it. Don’t let it get near your children or pets because one bite can cause infections and the transmission of diseases.

For homes, common entry points are breezeways, small gaps around A/C tubing, and unsealed garage doors. It’s very important that you work to protect these areas so that you do not incur an infestation. To learn more about skunk removal please watch this video from our specialists at Houston Texas Rodent Removal.
Houston Texas Rodent Removal | Remove Animals | Home | Exterminator | Service | Company | Removes | Skunks | Skunk | Scratching | Damage | Problems | Smell | Odor

How to Get Rid of Skunks In Houston

There are ways for you to remove skunks yourself, and traps are often available for purchase. However, the threat that they pose should they carry a disease can lead to far greater hardship and higher medical bills. Skunks can be found in crawlspaces, basements, porches, and patios throughout both urban areas and surrounding communities. If you have sheds or doghouses in your backyard, they can also be found there.

When they get to your home, skunks tend to stick close to the foundation of the house. This means that skunk removal usually relates to porches, either at the front or rear of the house, as well as spaces underneath the house. The longer it lives under your house, the more chance the skunk has to contaminate your soil and the insulation of your home. Should the skunk have babies, the case also becomes more severe and likely an infestation problem. Skunk extermination is far more difficult with the presence of offspring as the mother’s behavior is commonly much more aggressive, and even dangerous.

It is important to get rid of skunks as soon as you find them, most times in the attic, ceiling, or walls.  At Houston Texas Rodent Removal Company, we specialize in trapping and handling a variety of different animals. Give us a call today, and our licensed, bonded and insured exterminator will help you with skunk removal as soon as possible, eliminating an infestation.

Skunk Removal is another common animal that is found in Texas and the complaints that we receive are numerous. The most common being skunks digging under porches or steps of your house to gain access to a decent place to live. This becomes a problem if a homeowner has a dog and the dog and the skunk meet. The one that usually wins is the skunk. Never try to deal with a skunk removal problem yourself, always contact a professional skunk removal expert like Houston Texas Rodent Removal.

Skunks are a unique animal and we have found that they do some really strange things. One of the more interesting things that we have found that it's specifically to Texas area is the skunks dig under your front porch or barns and have skunk babies underneath. There are several other areas in the United States that this happens but Texas is one of the few areas that this is a prevalent problem. Don't let the skunks overtake your home, give the experienced professionals at Houston Texas Rodent Removal a call today to have the skunks removed from your home.