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Raccoons are very destructive animals. Although people like to think they are the cute masked bandits of the neighborhood, they can do a great deal of damage to homes and families. They rip their way into homes, going through panels and screen doors. Once inside, they can rip through wires, tubing, and furniture. If they find their way into your attic, you could lose a lot of stored items and heirlooms to these destructive creatures. Houston Texas Rodent Removal specializes in raccoon removal and control. We also work to ensure that they will not find a way into your house again.

Contact our licensed, bonded and insured specialists, we trap the raccoon humanely and remove it from your property. Like other rodents, raccoons can carry a number of different diseases. If anyone in your family comes into contact with a raccoon, one bit could mean that they have contracted something. Additionally, their destructive nature means that they pose a physical threat to your family and pets.

For homes, common entry points are breezeways, small gaps around A/C tubing, and unsealed garage doors. It’s very important that you work to protect these areas so that you do not incur an infestation. To learn more about raccoon removal and how to get rid of raccoons, please watch this video from our specialists at Houston Texas Rodent Removal.

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Raccoons Are A Problem In Houston

Raccoon Removal is another common animal removal problem we deal with in Texas. Raccoons are very clever animals and they have learned to adapt very well to the suburban environment of Houston. Raccoons dig through trash, dig up yards and destroy everything to obtain food. Raccoon removal is critical as the raccoons will get into the attic of your home and do a large amount of damage in a short period of time. Raccoons should not be allowed to stay in your attic and should be removed as soon as they are discovered.

Raccoons are responsible for over $2 billion annually of the insurance claims throughout the United States. The distruction that raccoons do to your home or business can be expensive. The damage that raccoons do in theTexas area is as follows: raccoons tear up your ductwork, raccoons soil your insulation, raccoons cause damage to your attic vents and lastly raccoons pose a threat to your family's health by possibly bringing in diseases that are easily spread to humans. This animal should not be allowed to spend another night in your Houston area home.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Traps are available to those who wish to try to capture raccoons on their own. However, this is not recommended. Backed into a corner, any rodent can pose a threat, and this is especially true of raccoons. Although they are about the size of a dog, they can be quick, cunning, and strong. The odds of being bitten while attempting to trap a raccoon are very high.

The simplest solution for clearing your home of raccoons is to call on a specialist. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to protect against physical harm and the transference of disease during a raccoon removal. When you hire Houston Texas Rodent Removal, we will capture and extract any problem animals so that no harm comes to you or your family. We also install plating on the entry point so that it cannot return to your home, with a guarantee that you will not have a problem again for a year.  Contact us to get a
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